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5 Star Rating Review by Bill F. of Rockford, IL.
"The lot looks great every time you guys get done plowing! My customers have even commented about how much easier it was to get in here than it was last year when I had the other company plowing. Thank you!!!"

5 Star Rating Review by Susan V. of Rockford, IL.
"Thanks for doing such a great job of plowing during the blizzard....it helps tremendously when the sidewalk on the entire side of the building is plowed!!!"

5 Star Rating Review by Suzanne B . of Rockton, IL.
"I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your plowing crews for being so diligent in getting to my driveways when it snows. Last year, I remember waiting almost a day and a half before the plow guys showed up!"

5 Star Rating Review by Cornel B. of Beloit, WI.
"You guys have the BEST plowing service I have ever seen! I can't remember ONE time when I even had to call to ask you to plow.....when it snowed, your guys were here before I even thought about it. Great crews and great prices, Jeff. We're using you again next year, just so you know."

5 Star Rating Review by Lupe R. of Machesney Park , IL. in a letter
"The guys did a great job plowing again. I got a call from you guys asking me if I wanted them to come out and plow - I hadn't even realized that it had snow yet. What FANTASTIC service - we appreciate you being on top of it for us!"

5 Star Rating Review by Dr. Bill S. of Rockford, IL.
"We are going to keep using your plowing service as long as you folks are in business, Jeff...so hurry up and send that contract over for us to sign for next year!"

5 Star Rating Review by Muhammed H . of Rockford, IL. in a letter
"Jeff, the guys are sure doing a GREAT job on our parking lots. It's nice knowing that you guys are willing - and able - to handle all seven of our parking lots because last year, we had to call two different companies to get them all done."

AAT Infrared, Inc. provides concrete, sealcoating, parking lot striping and asphalt services to the following areas in Northern Illinois:

Rockford, IL
Rockton, IL
Roscoe, IL
Loves Park,IL
Machesney Park,IL
South Beloit,IL
Wheaton ,IL
Schaumburg, IL
Woodstock, IL
Harvard, IL
Janesville, WI
Madison, WI
Beloit, WI
Milwaukee, WI
and other cities in the surrounding states of Wisconsin and Indiana